Reports indicate speed continues to be a problem in Ohio

Aug 19, 2021 | speeding tickets

In Ohio, operating a vehicle over the posted speed limit can result in a ticket that may prove quite costly for the driver. In addition to potentially expensive fines, a driver could find a speeding ticket will result in higher insurance rates and points on his or her license. Speed is one of the leading concerns listed by law enforcement in the state, and the number of drivers receiving speed-related citations is climbing.

Excessive speeding a concern

Drivers going over the speed limit is a common safety concern, but Ohio State Troopers report a sharp increase in the number of drivers traveling 100 mph or higher. In fact, the number of citations and arrests for this has increased by 37% since this time last year. Reports indicate a 59% increase in the number of citations and arrests for drivers going 20 mph over the speed limit.

Some believe the trend of more drivers traveling at excessive speeds is related to the past year when there was a time with fewer drivers on the road. There are several factors that may have led to this, including a time when there were fewer traffic stops because of health-related concerns for officers. Higher speeds lead to an increased chance for crashes and a higher chance a crash will have severe consequences.

The consequences of speeding

Excessive speeding can have serious consequences in Ohio. Drivers who received a citation for driving at high speeds may face other penalties as well, and it is in their interests to learn about the specific legal options available. It may be possible to fight a ticket or seek lesser penalties with the help of a traffic violation attorney.