Excessive speeding could result in high fines

Sep 24, 2021 | speeding tickets

Driving over the speed limit in Ohio could result in a ticket, which could then result in expensive fines and other consequences. In addition to high fines, drivers may also find a traffic violation affects their insurance rates and more. The cost of a speeding ticket depends on where the driver was at the time of the infraction and how high over the speed limit the driver was traveling. Typically, excessive speed leads to excessive fines.

Fighting a potentially dangerous problem

Speeding makes it more likely an accident will happen, or it can increase the severity of a crash. In order to fight this dangerous hazard and discourage drivers from going over the speed limit, one town plans to increase the fines associated with excessive speeding. In Mayfield Village, the town council voted to raise fines for violations. The town plans to use cameras and other measures to deter speeding drivers, as well as a tiered fine system.

A spokesperson says the goal of this is to discourage dangerously excessive speeds while traveling through the area. If cited for speed using the handheld speed detection device, drivers will receive their ticket in the mail. This is so officers do not have to also drive at high rates of speed in order to pull drivers over.

After getting a ticket

If an Ohio driver gets a ticket, he or she may think the simplest course of action would be to simply pay the fine and move on. In some cases, however, it may be best to fight the ticket, not only avoiding fines but also keeping points off one’s license. When considering whether to pay a speeding ticket, it may be helpful to speak with a traffic violations attorney.