Air surveillance may lead to more speeding tickets in Ohio

Oct 7, 2021 | speeding tickets

Driving over the speed limit in Ohio can come with penalties and consequences that may include everything from higher insurance rates to expensive fines. Speeding tickets are an inconvenience, but they also bring the potential for complications in various areas of a driver’s life. Because of the implementation of aerial surveillance, more drivers could be cited for violating posted speed limits.  

Different ways to monitor drivers 

The most common way to monitor for speeding drivers is for police to park in certain areas and observe. After noticing a driver going over the speed limit, police may pull the driver over and write a ticket. Now, Ohio State Highway Patrol will be using new technology on a plane owned by the department to monitor for speeding drivers.  

Officers in the plane who note speeding vehicles will alert other officers on the ground. The plane is able to monitor for drivers traveling at excessive speeds, accurately identifying vehicles and clocking speed. The new technology also allows law enforcement to video their surveillance, and it is hoped that this will help reduce the issue of excessive speeding throughout the state. 

After a ticket 

If a driver receives a speeding ticket, he or she has the option to fight the violation. In some cases, this course of action allows one to mitigate penalties by challenging certain aspects of the case. Speeding tickets can be a complex legal issue, and it is often best to work with an experienced attorney to understand the most prudent course of action.