Ohio police want residents to avoid drunk driving on Halloween

Oct 21, 2021 | drunk driving

Statistics indicate there are more traffic stops and dangerous driving on holidays and the surrounding days. Even though Halloween is on a Sunday evening this year, Ohio law enforcement is making the effort to remind drivers of the dangers and potential consequences associated with the intoxicated operation of a vehicle. In order to avoid drunk driving charges, it is prudent for adults to prepare in advance a safe way to get home. 

Planning ahead is the safest option 

Halloween is typically seen as a holiday for children, but there are also many opportunities for adults to attend gatherings where they may be drinking. Even one or two beverages can affect an individual’s ability to drive safely, and a drunk driving charge could follow an attempt to drive home while under the influence of alcohol. Having a designated driver or identifying a rideshare service can help one avoid this situation.  

Ohio police want drivers to remember that buzzed driving is drunk driving. If pulled over for suspected intoxicated driving, one could lose his or her license, face the potential for jail time and more. In addition to patrols monitoring for potential drunk driving, other drivers can report suspicious drivers as well.  

What to do if charged 

If charged with drunk driving in Ohio, an individual is facing the potential for serious consequences, including expensive fines, time behind bars and more. It will be in his or her interests to secure defense help to fight back. After an arrest for DUI, strong and experienced representation will be critical for one’s future.