Ohio law enforcement is taking speeding seriously

Nov 19, 2021 | speeding tickets

Driving over the speed limit can present a range of safety concerns and increase the chance of an accident. If a speeding vehicle is involved in a crash, the rate the vehicle was traveling can have a direct impact on the severity of damage caused by the impact. Ohio law enforcement say they’ve seen a concerning increase in the number of drivers traveling at excessive speeds, and there have been multiple fatal crashes involving speeds of 100 mph or higher.

How the law views speeding

A close look at the state laws on speeding finds that it views all speeding offenses the same. Data indicates a higher number of speeding tickets written this year, with over 65,000 more tickets written so far in 2021 than there were at this point in 2020. Of these citations given to drivers, over 600 were going 100 mph or higher at the time of the traffic stop.

Police say the trend of excessive speed has been a problem since the beginning of the pandemic. For a time, there were fewer drivers, and those on the road may have become comfortable with higher speeds. To combat the problem of speeding, law enforcement is implementing more patrols and even employing the use of planes to detect speeding drivers.

Fighting a ticket

An Ohio driver cited for excessive speeds may have grounds to fight the ticket. Paying the fine is an admission of guilt, and it can lead to high fines, higher insurance rates and other complications. To learn more about this option, it may help to discuss the matter with an Ohio traffic violations attorney.