A speeding ticket can have implications for one’s career

Dec 17, 2021 | speeding tickets

Different types of traffic violations can have various impacts on an Ohio driver’s life. A speeding ticket can lead to expensive fines and other consequences, including higher insurance and negative impacts on one’s career. This is especially true in situations in which a driver behind the wheel of a company vehicle is stopped and cited for breaking the speed limit. 

Possible job complications 

Driving a company vehicle comes with certain responsibilities. While a speeding ticket may seem like a minor violation, it can have significant impacts on a person’s job. Depending on the details of the individual situation, a speeding ticket while driving a company car can have the following consequences: 

  • If the driver holds a commercial license, a traffic violation could result in its loss or suspension. 
  • An employer could terminate a driver who got a ticket while driving a company vehicle. 
  • In cases involving serious violations, law enforcement could confiscate the vehicle. 

There could be a lot at stake after getting a ticket in a company car. It will be in the interests of the employee to speak with an attorney regarding his or her options. 

More than a fine 

It is possible an employer could require the employee to pay the fine. While the individual driver can contest a ticket, the employer may do that as well. Working with an attorney can help one understand how to fight back after getting a ticket and possibly mitigating the penalties one could face. Before paying a fine, an Ohio driver will benefit from knowing his or her legal options.