Ohio lawmaker pushes back on traffic cameras

Dec 2, 2021 | speeding tickets

Law enforcement often uses traffic cameras to enforce speed limits in certain areas. These cameras are designed to take pictures of vehicles that are breaking the speed limits, and drivers will receive tickets in the mail in the weeks following the infraction. While some view these cameras as useful tools, others view them as unfair or only useful for the purpose of securing income for a local jurisdiction. One Ohio lawmaker has pushed back on the need and intent of using traffic cameras.

Are they useful?

One of the most notorious speed traps in the northeast part of the state is in Linndale, and one lawmaker argues that the cameras don’t serve the interest of the public. After learning that the city is bringing in millions of dollars from tickets sent as a result of camera use, he says it has to stop. He states that cameras used as speed detection devices are only used as a means to increase cash flow into the town or city.

Drivers who have received citations from these cameras have reported receiving tickets for vehicles they don’t even own, and many say it’s simply a money grab. This lawmaker wants to introduce bills that would restrict how and when towns could use speed-detection cameras. He also raises questions regarding how some towns and cities with speed traps use the money generated.

Fighting a ticket

An Ohio driver who receives a traffic ticket may believe the simplest thing to do at this point is pay the fine and move on. However, there could be grounds to fight the ticket and its potential consequences. A careful evaluation of the citation could reveal the specific legal options available.