Ohio driver facing legal complications after 8th DUI

Jan 28, 2022 | drunk driving

The repercussions of intoxicated driving include potential loss of driving privileges, time behind bars and much more. Even a first-time offender can face serious repercussions if convicted of this type of criminal offense in Ohio. The repercussions and potential consequences are even more serious for those who have multiple DUI convictions on their records. One driver is now facing his eighth DUI over the course of his lifetime, and the potential penalties he is up against are significant. 

Defending against multiple offenses 

The driver was pulled over by law enforcement after he reportedly failed to use his turn signal, as well as for speeding. Law enforcement eventually arrested the driver, charging him with a turn signal violation, speeding, operating a vehicle impaired and not wearing a seatbelt. Specific details of the traffic stop were not reported, but troopers suspected the driver was under the influence of alcohol after speaking with him. 

If found guilty, this would be the driver’s eighth DUI conviction, and two of them occurred within the last five years. Because of his criminal history, the implications of this last DUI charge are significant. He could permanently lose his license, face jail time and much more. 

His future at stake 

For this Ohio driver, many aspects of his future are at stake. He would be wise to immediately begin seeking defense counsel regarding the most effective way to confront these charges and preserve his long-term interests. Regardless of what is on his criminal record or previous convictions, he has the right to seek the most beneficial outcome to his individual situation.