Drugged driving is a serious concern for Ohio authorities

Feb 11, 2022 | drunk driving

A driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol could face serious legal repercussions that affect the rest of his or her life. While drunk driving is a regular safety concern and common criminal charge, statistics indicate that drugged driving is on the rise in Ohio. Drugged driving often results in the same behaviors seen in drunk drivers, and it can result in similar legal and administrative penalties. 

The implications of drugged driving 

Drugged driving can occur when a driver is under the influence of any type of substance that can affect his or her ability to safely operate a vehicle. This includes prescription medication, medical marijuana and illicit substances. According to arrest records, Ohio State Highway Patrol arrested 111,633 drivers for OVI from 2017 to 2021, and 26,681 of those involved drugs. 

State troopers say they have seen more drivers under the influence of substances that can increase the chance of an accident and endangerment of others. About half of all OVI arrests involved marijuana. Troopers also say there is a significant problem with drivers operating vehicles after mixing drugs and alcohol. 

The penalties for drug-related OVI 

The penalties for a drug-related OVI in Ohio are similar to those one may face for a drunk driving arrest. Driver could lose his or her license, and it is possible one penalty could include jail time. It is beneficial for a driver accused of drugged driving to fight for his or her long-term interests and personal freedom by developing a strong defense strategy.