Ohio county commissioner arrested for drunk driving

Apr 22, 2022 | drunk driving

A local lawmaker is facing serious legal repercussions after an arrest for the intoxicated operation of a vehicle. The man was found guilty of drunk driving and other charges after pleading no contest. He was officially charged with OVI and failure to use a turn signal. He waived his right to a trial, and he was sentenced to 90 days in jail with 84 of those days suspended. He will also have one year of probation.

The penalties associated with drunk driving

In addition to the criminal penalties the driver is facing, his license will be suspended for one year. He will, however, have restricted driving privileges during that time. He must also complete a driver intervention program by the fall and pay fines amounting to $800. His attorney has requested a stay of his sentence pending his appeal.

The arrest occurred after Ohio State Highway Patrol pulled him over for failure to use his turn signal. After speaking with the driver, the officer requested that the driver submit to a Breathalyzer test. According to records, the driver’s breath test revealed a BAC of 0.228%, which is approximately three times the legal limit.

His future interests

When an Ohio driver is facing drunk driving charges, there is a lot at stake for him or her. This individual may benefit from an assessment of his or her case in order to understand the specific defense options available. Each person facing this type of criminal charge has the right to defend his or her interests and seek the best possible outcome to the case.