Traffic cameras the source of an ongoing legal dispute in Ohio

Apr 8, 2022 | speeding tickets

In some Ohio jurisdictions, local authorities use technology to monitor for speeding drivers and enforce traffic laws. Traffic cameras can be an effective way to reduce speeding in high-traffic areas, but some drivers believe that their use is unfair and could be a violation of their rights. In the town of New Miami, a lengthy legal battle over traffic cameras made it to the highest court in the state, but the case was dismissed.

The problem with traffic cameras

The case involving traffic cameras in the town began in 2013 after citizens sued, seeking a refund of thousands of traffic tickets. They claimed that the city violated their right to due process by making it difficult to dispute tickets. The plaintiffs were successful in 2019 after a court ordered New Miami to refund the tickets. However, their victory was short-lived after a court reversed the decision on appeal.

After the appeal, the case made its way to the Ohio Supreme Court. The court took the case, but recently dismissed it after deciding that the court should not hear it. Even though the case was dismissed, one justice expressed concerns over the traffic camera procedures used to fine citizens.

Fighting a traffic ticket

An Ohio driver who gets a speeding ticket has the right to contest it. In some cases, there are valid grounds to fight a ticket and avoid paying fines. Simply paying a ticket may seem like the best option, but before doing that, a driver may benefit from learning about the specific legal options available to him or her.