Are Ohio drivers more likely to have speeding tickets?

May 5, 2022 | speeding tickets

According to a recent survey, drivers in the state of Ohio are more likely to have certain types of traffic violations on their records. A recent report indicated that drivers in Ohio lead the nation in speeding tickets. In the Buckeye State, speeding tickets not only come with the potential for expensive fines, but also with the potential for points on one’s record, higher insurance rates and more.

Faster and more reckless driving habits

Statistics indicate that in Ohio, around 14% of drivers have a speeding ticket on their records while the national average is just above 9%. Not only are drivers in this state more likely to have a speeding ticket, but the rate of violations involving excessive rates of speed has increased dramatically over the last few years. Law enforcement is citing more drivers for traveling 20 mph over the limit or more.

In addition to excessive speeding, Ohio has also seen an increase in the number of highway fatalities as well. Troopers and other law enforcement are trying to carefully monitor the roads and pull drivers over as necessary. In some areas, police are also using aerial enforcement.

Fighting traffic tickets

In some cases, a driver may have grounds to fight a traffic ticket after receiving one. This may allow one to mitigate some of the penalties he or she is facing, helping save money and prevent complications. A driver with a recent citation may benefit from speaking with an attorney about the legal options available to him or her.