Drunk driving convictions in Ohio may bring additional penalties

May 19, 2022 | drunk driving

In Ohio, a conviction for drunk driving can bring a range of penalties that can include everything from time behind bars to expensive fines. Drivers convicted of an OVI or DUI may also find that this type of offense affects their personal reputation, career opportunities and more. If a recently proposed bill passes, they may also be required to pay compensation if a drunk driving accident causes the death of a parent.

Supporting children left behind

When drunk driving accidents claim the life of a driver or passenger, that individual often leaves behind loved ones who need care and support. A state lawmaker believes that those whose actions lead to the death of a parent should be required to support the children of the deceased. If the bill passes, the individual who caused a fatal drunk driving accident would pay support until the child reaches the age of 18.

Estimates suggest that drunk driving results in approximately 28 deaths in the United States every day. While the penalties associated with drunk driving in Ohio are already steep, this requirement could bring additional financial repercussions for certain drivers. The bill has not yet been passed, and it would only apply to those convicted of vehicular homicide.

Defending against drunk driving charges

For those facing any type of drunk driving charge, a strong defense is necessary. After an arrest, a driver will benefit from discussing his or her options with a criminal defense attorney who can help a defendant fight for his or her future interests and protect his or her rights. An assessment of the specific case can reveal which defense options will be most effective for the individual situation.