Ohio leads the nation in speeding tickets written

Jun 18, 2022 | speeding tickets

If an Ohio driver goes over the posted speed limit, he or she could receive a traffic ticket that may result in expensive fines and penalties. This could include higher insurance rates, additional points on a driver’s license and more. According to statistics, approximately 10% of drivers have a ticket on their record, and Ohio actually leads the nation in the overall number of tickets given to drivers. 

What happens after a ticket? 

After getting a ticket, insurance rates can go up as much as $400 per year. After an accumulation of a certain number of points on a driver’s license, a driver could even face a license suspension. According to a study of states with the highest number of traffic tickets, approximately 16% of Ohio drivers have a traffic ticket on their records.  

Experts believe that the high number of traffic tickets in the state may be related to the pandemic. There was a period when fewer people were on the roads, and those who did drive during this time may have gotten in a habit of driving too fast. Police report writing tickets to a high number of drivers who were traveling at excessive rates of speed, including 100 mph or more. 

What happens after getting a ticket? 

If an Ohio driver gets a speeding ticket, the inclination may be to simply pay the ticket and move on. But there may be grounds to contest the ticket and avoid additional complications. A driver may benefit from speaking with an attorney regarding the most appropriate way to fight a ticket.