Some cities at odds with state authorities over traffic cameras

Jun 30, 2022 | speeding tickets

Depending on the local jurisdiction where a ticket was written, traffic violations in Ohio can come with steep penalties. This may include expensive fines, increased insurance rates and more. In many cases, tickets were written because an officer witnessed an illegal action, such as speeding, running a red light or making an improper turn. However, some municipalities use traffic cameras, a subject that is the source of contention in some areas of the state. 

A recent Ohio Supreme Court ruling 

Recently, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld a 2019 law that allows the state to punish cities that use automated cameras for speed enforcement. After that ruling, cities that currently use the cameras may have to rethink their strategy for monitoring traffic and driver behavior. Critics of the cameras say they are used primarily to generate funds for the municipality. 

The law allows the state to withhold funds from local governments that use the cameras. These typically generate significant funds from tickets written for speeding through the intersection or running a red light. The local government for Dayton has collected over $1 million through tickets written due to the use of their traffic cameras. 

Recourse for drivers 

Ohio drivers facing fines as a result of a traffic ticket have the right to fight back. They may find that they can avoid some or all of the costs of the traffic violation by challenging the grounds for the ticket. This may include tickets written because of an automated traffic camera, and they will find it helpful to discuss this possibility with an experienced traffic violations attorney.