Suspected drunk driving and its impact on a driver’s license

Sep 27, 2022 | drunk driving

If Ohio law enforcement sees a driver exhibiting behavior they believe indicates that person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will initiate a traffic stop. They may ask the driver to submit to sobriety tests, or they could eventually decide to take the driver into custody. Regardless, it may help to understand what to expect during a suspected drunk driving traffic stop and what it could mean for one’s license. 

Will a driver lose his or her license? 

The loss of driving privileges is one of the many potential consequences one could face if he or she is found to be driving while under the influence. After pulling a driver over, police may administer certain tests to determine one’s blood alcohol content. If it is over the legal limit, the police will take the license, and the driver will face an administrative license suspension. The suspension can last anywhere from 90 days to five years, depending on the details of the individual situation. 

If the police pull a driver over and that individual refuses to test, a license suspension will take effect immediately. For refusal to test, an administrative license suspension could last for one to five years. After a certain amount of time, the driver can take steps to reinstate his or her license. 

Fighting for driving privileges 

One’s driving privileges are on the line when stopped for suspected drunk driving. An Ohio driver will benefit from knowing how to preserve his or her right to drive regardless of the charges he or she is facing. It will also be in a driver’s interests to seek defense help regarding how to defend against OVI charges.