Fighting the problem of reckless driving in some cities

Oct 27, 2022 | reckless driving

Ohio drivers who violate traffic laws could face expensive fines, costly tickets and other complications that may affect multiple areas of their lives. There are different traffic violations for speeding, illegal parking, reckless driving and more. Reckless driving is one of the most common reasons for receiving a citation, and some call this type of behavior hooning. Law enforcement in one Ohio town is taking steps to combat hooning of all types and encourage safe driving. 

Cracking down on hooning 

Reckless driving, or hooning, can include actions such as speeding, following too closely, disobeying traffic laws and more. Law enforcement views hooning as a serious safety concern as it can cause preventable car accidents and harm to innocent motorists. In Dayton, local police are enforcing speed limits, monitoring traffic and implementing methods to discourage driving at unsafe speeds. 

One way the city of Dayton is doing this is through the installation of speed bumps on busier thoroughfares. Some residents and authorities believe that the speed bumps will discourage unsafe driving and prevent accidents. They are also installing concrete barriers in areas where drivers may do donuts, tire burnouts and more. 

Fighting a ticket 

Those who receive a traffic violation may be able to fight their ticket and avoid fines. It could be beneficial to discuss this possibility with an experienced attorney who can explain the options available to the individual driver. Before paying a fine in Ohio, it is prudent to learn if one can contest a ticket for any type of reckless driving.