Ohio law enforcement to increase monitoring for reckless driving

Oct 14, 2022 | traffic violations

According to numbers released by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, more than 840 fatalities have occurred in accidents involving pedestrians dating back to 2017. In response to these numbers and to make the roads safer for everyone, the OSHP and other state law enforcement agencies have launched an effort to reduce accidents and negligent driving. To boost pedestrian safety, law enforcement will increase monitoring for reckless driving.

The root of the problem

Poor decisions by drivers are some of the primary reasons why pedestrian accidents occur. According to one law enforcement officer, distracted driving and speeding are some of the main reasons why these types of accidents happen. As an example, a distracted driver may not stop completely at an intersection, harming a pedestrian who was in a crosswalk. Speeding on residential streets is also a problem.

Police believe that cracking down on reckless driving through a law enforcement safety blitz could help reduce the likelihood of reckless driving. Police will be monitoring for speeding, signs of impaired driving and indications of distracted driving. So far this year, Ohio police have made more than 7,000 arrests for OVI and distracted driving.

Reckless driving and traffic violations

After getting a ticket for any type of traffic violation, an Ohio driver may assume the best course of action is to simply pay the fee and move on. However, there are times when it is appropriate to fight a ticket, seeking to possibly avoid the fees and other consequences associated with it. It may help to speak with an experienced traffic law attorney to understand the legal options available.