Distracted driving may soon be a more serious offense in Ohio

Nov 25, 2022 | traffic violations

Any kind of distraction is a serious safety concern on Ohio roads and across the United States. Despite its known dangers and the risks associated with driving while distracted, drivers continue to pick up their phones, endangering themselves and others on the road. Because of a recent effort by lawmakers, distracted driving may soon become a more serious traffic violation, bringing steeper penalties for offending drivers. 

What the law says about distracted driving 

Right now, law enforcement can stop drivers aged 17 and younger if they are caught texting and driving. However, to pull a driver over for distracted driving, the driver must also be committing a primary traffic violation at the same time. However, lawmakers in Ohio are trying to change that. Some want to make holding a phone in hand while driving a primary traffic offense. 

If the proposed changes to the law happen, the fine for a first offense would be $150, and the fine for the second offense would be $250. The fine would be $500 for drivers who have three offenses within a three-year period. Drivers would be permitted to use their phones in hands-free functions. 

Fighting a traffic violation 

In Ohio, a traffic violation can result in steep penalties and expensive fines. Those who get a ticket may assume the best approach is to simply pay the fine and move forward, but there are times when it is appropriate to fight a ticket. To understand the options available, it is beneficial to speak with an experienced traffic law attorney.