Ohio city changes speed limits

Dec 23, 2022 | speeding tickets

The state of Ohio has a statutory speed limit that applies to all jurisdictions unless a local government seeks permission to change it. However, there are options that will allow a town to bypass this process. Recently, Cleveland Heights was able to drop its speed limits on some roads to 25 mph without getting permission from the Ohio Department of Transportation. The city was able to do this by reclassifying five of its roads. 

Reclassification of certain roads 

Local leaders made the change to the speed limit in an effort to make certain roads safer. They changed the streets from through streets to non-through streets. Through streets have a standard speed limit of 35 mph, and by reclassifying a road, a local government is able to lower the speed limit. Reclassification does not require approval from the ODOT.  

Non-through streets are typically seen in residential areas. However, the intent behind the change is to discourage dangerous driving through busy areas of the town. Local law enforcement does not want the changes to be a surprise to local drivers, and they are working to make sure people are aware of the new speed limit. 

Will this lead to more speeding tickets? 

Ohio drivers may not be aware of new speed limits, leading to more tickets for a period of time. A driver who receives a ticket may benefit from learning more about the options available. There are circumstances in which it may be appropriate to contest a ticket, possibly avoiding fines and other penalties.