Drivers will not get refunds on traffic tickets from cameras

Jan 20, 2023 | traffic violations

Previously, some jurisdictions in Ohio employed the use of traffic cameras to monitor driver behavior and catch people who were violating the speed limit. These cameras were also used to catch violations at red lights, including running the light or speeding through the intersection. These cameras were used in the Cleveland area, but the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that their use was unlawful. 

Cameras use prohibited 

There has often been a question regarding the legality of these cameras. After they were no longer in use, several other issues arose regarding the validity of these tickets and the rights of drivers who were cited because of the cameras. This resulted in several other matters being brought before the court, including whether ticketed drivers had the right to claim a refund for the fines they paid. The court recently determined that they were not owed any refundreceiving. 

The court ruled that the drivers who did not contest their tickets were not eligible for a refund of any money they paid. Fines for red light camera violations ranged from $100 to $200, and appeals of these tickets had to be made within 21 days of receiving the ticket. The cameras were no longer used after 2014 when local residents voted to ban them. 

Is it important to contest a ticket? 

This may provide an important reminder of why it can be important for drivers to contest traffic tickets. Paying a fine is an admission of guilt, and it can often result in high fines and other complications. Ohio drivers may find it helpful to speak with a traffic law attorney regarding their options after getting a ticket.