Stricter distracted driving laws are coming to Ohio

Jan 7, 2023 | traffic violations

The Governor of Ohio recently signed a law that could impact the average Ohio motorist. Distracted driving is a serious safety concern throughout the country, and one way that states combat this issue is by implementing and enforcing strict laws about phone use while behind the wheel. With the passage of this new law, it could bring steeper penalties for those who use their phones while driving.

New bill, new laws that impact everyone

The law mandates various criminal justice reform measures, but it also will strengthen existing distracted driving laws. Previously, using a phone while driving in Ohio was a secondary offense, which means that police could only pull a driver over for using the phone if the driver was also committing another offense, such as speeding, at the same time. However, phone use while driving has always been a primary offense for juvenile drivers.

Now, law enforcement can pull a driver over immediately if they see that person using a phone or other type of electronic device. According to the bill, distracted driving includes holding, physically supporting or using an electronic device. Ohio drivers could now face steep fines for distracted driving alone.

After a traffic violation

A driver who received a violation could face penalties that include expensive fines and higher insurance rates. However, there could be a valid reason for a driver to fight back against any type of traffic ticket or violation. Before paying any fees, it may be helpful to seek the opinion of an experienced attorney regarding potential legal options.