Speed limits may soon be lower in the city of Columbus

Feb 3, 2023 | traffic violations

In high-traffic areas, such as cities, speeding is a serious safety concern. When a driver is traveling at a rate that is over the posted speed limit, it makes it much more likely that he or she will strike a pedestrian or cause a rear-end accident. For this reason, speed limits within many Ohio city limits are often lower than in other areas. Soon, these limits may be even lower in the Columbus area. 

Will lower speed limits help? 

The Columbus City Council is set to vote regarding a possible change to current speed limits. If the measure passes, it will lower the current speed limit in all downtown areas to 25 miles per hour. This is part of a new safety initiative called the Vision Zero plan, an effort to lower the overall number of vehicle accidents and injuries in the city. 

Currently, speed limits are 35 miles per hour on many downtown streets. In addition to lowering the speed limits, there are also plans to change the timing of traffic lights as a way to slow drivers down and keep them from driving through intersections too quickly. Before making any significant changes, the Ohio Department of Transportation will review all plans to ensure they are safe. 

The repercussions for speeding drivers 

Going over the speed limit can come with serious legal and financial consequences for Ohio drivers. A speeding ticket can result in fines, higher insurance rates and other penalties. Before paying a ticket, it is beneficial for a driver to seek legal counsel regarding the possible benefits of challenging a traffic violation.