Ohio troopers give out hundreds of citations in recent operation

Mar 3, 2023 | traffic violations

In a recent effort that spanned six different states, state troopers focused on monitoring for infractions of traffic laws, including speeding, texting while driving and more. Part of this effort took place in Ohio over the course of one weekend. Troopers gave out over 600 citations for infractions that included OVI, speeding and safety belt enforcement. During the operation, troopers focused on the I-75 corridor in the state.

Dangerous behaviors and violations of traffic laws

Over one weekend, troopers were carefully monitoring drivers traveling along I-75. The intent of this effort was to discourage unsafe driving and remind all motorists to adhere to speed limits and other traffic laws. This is the result of a cooperative effort by multiple law enforcement agencies from different states to share information and fight criminal activity.

The entire multi-state operation resulted in citations for almost 1,000 drivers in a period of just two days. In Ohio, there were 12 OVI citations, 52 seat belt infractions and 618 violations for violating the speed limit. The penalties for these violations can include expensive fines, points on one’s license and more.

Can a driver fight a ticket?

A driver who received a ticket may assume that the best course of action is to simply pay the ticket and move forward. However, there are times when it is appropriate to fight a citation, seeking to avoid the points on one’s license, increased insurance rates and expensive fines. It may be helpful to speak with an attorney regarding the legal options available.