Photo enforcement for speeding coming to one Ohio city

Mar 17, 2023 | speeding tickets

In the village of Peninsula, leaders say speeding drivers are creating safety problems for both residents and visitors. Regular speed limit enforcement methods are effective, but police and local lawmakers are considering the implementation of cameras to monitor drivers. Instead of mounted cameras, police would be using handheld devices to take pictures of speeding vehicles and issue traffic tickets through the mail. The exact details of how this would work are still under consideration. 

The consequences of speeding 

While leaders are still considering this method of speed limit enforcement, they have stated that all cameras used would be handheld. No cameras would be used if not by an officer in a patrol vehicle. The mayor of the town says that he believes the enforcement program will start in a few months, and he believes that it will make the Ohio village safer. 

Speeding can result in various consequences, including fines, higher insurance rates, points on a driver’s license and more. The state does allow camera speed enforcement, but only if officers are present while in use. The law also requires local jurisdictions to post signs announcing camera enforcement. 

Fighting a speeding ticket 

After getting a traffic ticket in Ohio, drivers may benefit from understanding what legal options are available to them. In some cases, it is possible and reasonable to fight a ticket. This may allow a driver to avoid some of the consequences associated with a traffic violation. An attorney can provide insight regarding the legal options available in the individual situation.