Ohio drivers think the roads are becoming more dangerous

Apr 26, 2023 | traffic violations

Many drivers tend to engage in risky and even reckless behaviors on the road. In just a few moments of driving on an Ohio road, it is likely that a driver will see other motorists doing dangerous things, such as speeding, texting or driving aggressively. When polled, Ohio drivers say that they believe it is more common than ever to notice other drivers doing dangerous things while behind the wheel. However, 94% of drivers believe they are excellent drivers themselves. 

Are drivers aware of their own behaviors? 

According to a recent survey conducted by Nationwide, 94% of drivers believe that they are excellent at operating a vehicle. The remaining 6% believe they are good drivers. When asked about other drivers, however, only 26% said they were excellent drivers, and 35% are good drivers. The remaining percentage was said to be average or poor drivers. 

Interestingly, even individuals who believe they are excellent drivers admit to doing risky things while driving. This includes checking phones, driving over the speed limit and more. The results of the study suggest that drivers often do not consider the risk of certain actions when they are doing them, but they do consider them dangerous when done by others. 

Accountability for poor driving decisions 

Speeding, distracted driving and other actions may result in traffic tickets for Ohio drivers. If facing the implications of a traffic violation, it may be beneficial to fight back and possibly avoid the potential fines and other consequences. It may be helpful to discuss this possibility with an experienced traffic violation attorney.