What is the real cost of a traffic ticket?

Apr 13, 2023 | traffic violations

Traffic violations can result in a range of penalties that can affect a driver’s life in different ways. It is important for an Ohio driver to take the potential consequences of a traffic violation, such as a speeding ticket, seriously. A driver may assume that the easiest way to deal with a speeding ticket is to simply pay the fine and move on, but that is not always the case. It may be helpful to first understand the true cost of a speeding ticket before deciding how to move forward. 

Speeding can be a costly mistake 

Most drivers will speed at some point in their lives; however, it could be a costly mistake. Even one ticket could result in high fines and other consequences that will impact a driver’s finances. Consider the following: 

  • A speeding ticket can result in higher insurance rates, sometimes by hundreds of dollars per year. 
  • A driver will have to pay a fine, and he or she may also be responsible for court costs as well. 
  • The driver’s rate of speed at the time could impact the cost of the ticket. 

There are times when it could be best for an individual situation for a driver to fight a ticket, possibly avoiding the cost and other consequences of a traffic violation. 

When is it best to fight a ticket? 

After getting a speeding ticket, it may be in a driver’s interest to learn about the legal options available to him or her. It could be best to speak with an experienced traffic law attorney regarding the possibility of fighting the ticket. Ohio drivers have the right to fight a ticket and seek to avoid or mitigate the penalties they are facing.