Let Us Help You Stay Behind The Wheel

Helping You Benefit From Ohio Family Law

Life doesn’t always move along at a comfortable and familiar pace — sometimes life throws us and our families a curve ball. Whether you’re about to get a divorce or trying to modify a custody order, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything that’s going on.

Family law isn’t something that most people think about every day, but it can impact you in profound and unexpected ways. For over 30 years, we at Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law have been helping families throughout Cincinnati, Ohio, face the family court system with confidence. We don’t think that divorce, custody, support or visitation issues should take your life hostage. You shouldn’t have to feel like life is beyond your control, and with us on your side, you won’t have to.

Helping You And Your Family

Family law covers a broad range of situations and topics. To ensure that you never have to face the unknown alone, we at Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law are ready to offer skilled representation, guidance and advocacy that can help you:

There’s nothing wrong with simply wanting to get on with your life, but that doesn’t mean you can just dive into these important matters without proper planning. The seemingly minor choices you make now can resonate for years to come and impact you and your family in potentially unexpected ways. As your lawyer, we will stand by your side throughout the process, explore all potential avenues and explain all of your options so you can build a future that works for you and your children.

We Pride Ourselves On Helping You Make Your Life Better

As anyone who experiences an irreversible relationship breakdown knows, achieving happiness isn’t always easy. At the same time, there’s no legal benefit to be had from giving up. We can help you proactively negotiate for what’s important to you and simultaneously fight for your legal rights. We can empower you to take charge instead of having to entrust your future to an uncaring court.

At Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law, clients trust our knowledge and lean on our compassionate willingness to listen. Get started today by calling 513-549-7483 or contacting us online.