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Protecting Your Child Custody And Visitation Rights

Child custody and visitation matters are of great concern to any parent. It is vital then that your parental rights are protected so that you can enjoy a rich and meaningful relationship with your children.

At Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law, we work hard to protect our clients’ rights when it comes to their children caught in the middle of family law matters. We focus on developing practical custody and visitation strategies and generating outcomes that give our clients the opportunity to be great parents. In representing you, we will take time to understand your situation, your children and your goals. With this insight, we will then recommend a course of action that’s designed to achieve your goals.

Preserving And Enhancing Your Relationship With Your Children

At Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law, we represent clients in all types of matters relating to their children, including those involving:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation and parenting time
  • Joint custody and shared parenting plans
  • Modifications in custody and visitation
  • Proposed child relocations
  • Paternity as it affects custody and visitation rights

Whenever possible, we recommend using negotiation to achieve a fair and workable custody and visitation arrangement. In addition to minimizing legal costs, a negotiated settlement can reduce emotional tensions — which can benefit both you and your children. It can also provide a framework for future dealings with your former spouse in matters relating to your children. Most children do better when they see their parents cooperating on matters relating to them.

In some cases, however, court action may be required to protect your rights and provide an outcome that is in the best interests of the children. When necessary, we will vigorously represent you in litigation to achieve your goals and protect your rights.

How We Can Help You

Your relationship with your children is precious to you. Whatever your circumstances, we at Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law will do everything we can to preserve and enhance that relationship.

For a free initial consultation in Cincinnati, Ohio, call 866-302-0981 today or contact us online. Let’s discuss what we can do to help you achieve your custody and visitation goals.