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An Experienced Traffic Lawyer Can Help

For many people in Ohio and throughout the country, a speeding ticket, reckless driving citation or even a first-time drunk driving arrest can seem like a relatively minor issue.

In truth, these types of violations are serious. Even a first-time offense can cost you significant fines, land you in jail, add points to your license, compromise your driving privileges through a license suspension, and ultimately affect all aspects of your personal and professional life.

With so much at stake, why not protect yourself with help from a lawyer who knows the local laws and court system and who has the skill and experience to pursue the best possible outcome?

The Representation You Need From An Attorney You Can Rely On

At Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law, we have more than 30 years of experience working with people in Ohio who face traffic violations and criminal charges. We understand how frustrating traffic tickets, license suspensions and other types of violations can be. That is why we look for opportunities to mitigate the consequences, help clients protect their driving records and ultimately retain their driving privileges.

We can:

  • Look for opportunities to have the charges against you reduced (for example, getting a reckless driving charge reduced to speeding)
  • Go to court on your behalf, which can be especially helpful if you live outside Ohio or have a commercial driver’s license
  • Defend you against OVI/DUI charges by challenging the evidence against you (such as the results of breath or field sobriety tests or pointing to instances where the authorities violated your rights)
  • Protect your driving privileges by appealing a suspension (court-ordered or administrative-based)
  • Pursue limited driving privileges if your license has been suspended, allowing you to drive to work
  • Pursue diversionary or driver’s intervention programs that mitigate the consequences of first-time offenses

No matter the circumstances, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your options. Rather than just paying the fine and conceding guilt, why not fight the charges and protect your record?

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No matter where you live in Ohio — Cincinnati, Cleveland or elsewhere — we can handle your case. If you are from outside the state and were stopped while passing through, we can also help you take appropriate steps toward resolving your case.

Let’s talk about your case during a free, confidential consultation. Call us at 513-549-7483 or fill out our online contact form. At Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law, we understand that resolving a traffic matter is more than just paying the ticket — bigger implications are at stake, and we can help you avoid them.