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February 2018 Archives

Woman facing drunk driving and child endangerment charges

A 32-year-old Ohio woman is facing drunk driving and child endangerment charges after allegedly causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol with her five children in the car. The incident took place on the evening of Feb. 15 on Youngstown Road in Warren. Reports indicate that the woman was transported to the Trumbull County Jail after being processed and is being held without bail.

3 questions you may have about reckless driving

Having a driver's license often helps many people accomplish numerous errands and other tasks. Though having the ability to drive to different locations is convenient, you may want to remember that you could easily lose that privilege if authorities feel that you have acted in a manner that could put yourself or others at risk while you are behind the wheel. Many traffic violations often come with a simple fine, but others could result in the loss of your license or other consequences.

Marijuana holiday could be linked to increased driver deaths

In Ohio and across the United States, there has been a significant amount of attention dedicated to drunk driving and operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. This is reflected in the known spike in car accidents and fatal crashes that take place each year on New Year's Eve and Super Bowl Sunday, two occasions well-known for large amounts of alcohol consumption. However, other holidays could also have an impact on safe driving. As marijuana is legalized for recreational and medical usage in an increasing number of states, more attention is being paid to the influence of cannabis consumption on driving. A recent study posits that April 20, marked as a holiday by marijuana users for years, is linked to an increase in deadly crashes.

Man sentenced in fatal drunk driving crash apologizes in court

An Ohio court handed down the maximum sentence of six years in prison and lifelong loss of driving privileges to an East Palestine man convicted of causing a fatal wreck and leaving the scene. He offered a brief apology to the judge in the Lisbon courtroom prior to receiving his sentence.

What to know about speeding tickets

Those who are pulled over in Ohio for speeding may be able to dispute a citation in court. However, before mounting a defense, it is important to know what type of speed limit was exceeded when an officer chose to issue a citation. The different types of speed limit are absolute, presumed and basic. An absolute speed limit is one posted on a road sign or similar object.


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