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Can I get limited driving privileges with a suspended license?

If you get your license suspended in Ohio, you are generally not allowed under any circumstances to drive a motor vehicle. There is a possibility that you could get limited driving privileges from the court in some situations. Generally, these limited privileges are restricted to getting to and from work. The purpose is to enable you to keep employment.

FMSCA amendment to clearinghouse in the works

Many people in Ohio hold commercial driving licenses and know that part of the responsibility that comes along with this privilege and this line of work is that they may be under greater scrutiny at times than can drivers who only hold individual or standard driving licenses. One example of this is that the threshold for determining intoxication among a person with a commercial license when driving for work is a blood alcohol content of 0.04 percent. That is half the standard for people in standard passenger vehicles.

The walk and turn field sobriety test

Drivers in Ohio who are arrested for drunk driving offenses are generally asked by law enforcement officers to complete a series of tests and actions prior to being officially placed under arrest. These are commonly called field sobriety tests because they take place in the field, at the location of the initial traffic stop. It is important that you understand what officers are looking for with each test and also know what these tests can or cannot do.


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