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February 2019 Archives

Ohioans with suspended licenses may qualify for amnesty

A driver's license is often more than a luxury. For many people in Ohio, it is necessary to maintain a job, to obtain food for oneself and one's family and to access medical care. Even so, hundreds of thousands of people statewide have had their licenses suspended in the past year alone. In some situations, people lost their licenses as a result of violating traffic laws, but in other cases, the reason for the suspension has nothing to do with driving. For this reason, calls for the state to reform its license suspension laws have received bipartisan support from an increasing number of constituents from across Ohio. 

Portage County judge facing DUI charges

It is not as though the dangers associated with drunk driving are a recent discovery. This may cause some to question how is it that anyone would make the mistake of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. The fact that it still happens may speak to just how much drinking can inhibit someone's judgment. Of course, people may understand this as well, which then may cause some to wonder if whether the fact that people still drink and drive might be an indication of their dependence on alcohol. 

Moving over for emergency vehicles and others

With weeks of winter still ahead, chances are good you will see emergency vehicles, snowplows and tow trucks if you are traveling in or through Ohio. These responders often place their own lives and safety in danger to help others in the most miserable conditions, including cold, rain and dangerous traffic.


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