Do you have all the facts about overweight truck violations?

Aug 29, 2019 | traffic violations for commercial driver's license holders

As a truck driver, you may already be well aware of how common overweight truck violations are in Ohio and everywhere else across the U.S. Maybe you are guilty of occasionally overloading your truck, just a little bit, yourself.

Lantech examines facts truck drivers and trucking company owners need to know about overweight violations. Understand everything at stake when a truck weighs more than it should, no matter if the violation is intentional or unintentional.

Financial fallout

Of course, a weight violation costs money. You can fight the violation, but it is better to avoid one in the first place. Fines can easily climb into thousands of dollars, more for multiple offenses.

Potential jail time

You could end up behind bars if your truck is grossly overweight. What is worse is your time in jail could extend to months rather than hours or days. And the hits do not stop there. There is a chance you could lose your CDL while in jail, which only adds to your frustration.

Bad business

A truck may have more weight than is safe to keep customers happy. With a violation, the exact opposite could happen. Overweight trucks have to pump the brakes on transporting until a replacement truck arrives to unload the excess weight.

Poor customer relations

When your truck slows down for business, that could ripple over to your customers and force them to stagger their business operations, too. If this happens enough times, some of your customers could decide to cut ties with you altogether.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.