Top driving violations truckers need to know

Oct 17, 2019 | traffic violations for commercial driver's license holders

Semi-trucks are a vital piece of the country’s economy. Without them traversing the roads across Ohio, consumer goods may never reach their point of sale.

Truck drivers have restrictions and rules that are set by the company they haul for and the federal government. A commercial driver’s license or CDL is a fundamental requirement for anyone wanting to enter this engaging career. Knowing the infractions you as a trucker should stay away from to protect your CDL is crucial to your continued success. The staff at Robert R. Hart Jr., Attorney at Law, want to keep you informed and in your career.

Inaccuracies with the logbook

Drivers have to follow federal regulations regarding how many hours they drive before taking a break. These restrictions continue to manage drivers to cut down on fatigue and the fatalities that may result from it. Many companies have electronic monitoring devices in trucks to track where their driver is and how long he or she is driving and resting. However, some drivers want to push the limits and tamper with the electronic device to make it match a handwritten log they also keep. These offenses are severe and may result in a loss of the CDL.

Ignoring weight restrictions

Trucks have a certain weight threshold that companies and drivers must follow. If a tractor-trailer weighs more than the load documented, the penalties and consequences are swift and severe. An overweight truck may mean someone is sneaking something illegal through the system or trying to sell the overage for cash along the way. Therefore, making sure your weight matches your inventory specs is crucial for drivers.

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