Can I get a CDL when I have a DUI conviction?

Dec 12, 2019 | drunk driving, traffic violations for commercial driver's license holders

DUI and DWI charges in Ohio and the U.S., in general, may harm your life in various aspects. It will affect your ability to drive, you will have to pay high costs in fines and court charges, and you may even receive a jail sentence. If you are a commercial driver, one primary concern that you may have is whether you may get a commercial driver’s license when you are under a DWI or a DUI conviction. 

A short answer would be: yes. Even after a DWI or DUI conviction, you may still get a CDL in Ohio. According to the Traffic Law Stop,  you may, however, only receive it after your driving license suspension is over. You cannot get it while you are currently under suspension. If you lose a driving license for operating a vehicle while under the influence, reinstating it is a complicated and expensive process. 

Getting the license does not mean that you may get a job afterward. The most challenging step would be to find an employer willing to hire you with your track record of DUI and DWI charges. It will be difficult for a company to hire someone with a conviction of drinking while driving. Some companies go as far as checking the record of their drivers for the past three years. For others, you may get a job a year after a DUI or DWI on your file. When applying for a job, you should inquire about the company regulations for having charges on a record. 

This information is given only for educative purposes. It is by no means legal advice.