Fighting to keep Ohio commercial drivers on the road

Mar 27, 2020 | traffic violations for commercial driver's license holders

In order to drive most types of commercial vehicles, a special license is required. Ohio commercial drivers have to meet special requirements to obtain these types of licenses, and they must keep them in good standing in order to stay on the road. A traffic ticket or other type of moving violation can compromise a CDL license.

A CDL is not just any type of driver’s license. It is the key to a commercial driver’s income and livelihood. That is why simply paying a ticket is not always the best choice. This is essentially an admission of guilt, and can lead to a suspension of a CDL. It can cost a driver his or her job, as well as result in fines, penalties and other consequences.

Truck drivers may get tickets for speeding, driving while distracted, weight violations and more. In fact, a commercial driver can lose a CDL even if the violation happened off the clock or while driving in a personal vehicle. It is prudent not to underestimate the potential impact of a moving or nonmoving violation.

Ohio commercial drivers may find it helpful to speak with an experienced legal ally regarding how they can fight a ticket or any type of traffic violation. Their careers are worth protecting. It is possible to fight for a mitigation of the penalties a person is facing, as well as a potential reduction in the specific charges. An evaluation of the individual case can reveal what options are available.