Traffic violations for those with commercial driver’s licenses

Nov 11, 2022 | traffic violations for commercial driver's license holders

In Ohio, a traffic violation can result in serious penalties for drivers, including high fines, increased insurance rates, points on a license and more. However, the stakes are even higher for those who hold commercial driver’s licenses. A traffic violation can directly impact a driver’s career, future job opportunities and more. It critical for someone with a CDL to know how to defend his or her interests after receiving a ticket for any type of violation.

A driving career at stake

Many people support themselves in jobs that require them to drive. Commercial drivers who operate certain types of vehicles are required to hold a specific license. The standards for commercial driver’s licenses are higher, and the individuals operating commercial vehicles can face serious repercussions for even a relatively minor traffic violation. Certain types of moving violations can even result in the revocation of a CDL.

If there is an accumulation of points on a CDL, it may present additional challenges if the license holder seeks new employment in the future. For someone with a CDL, two OVI convictions can result in a revocation of the commercial license. Speeding at rates of 15 mph or higher over the speed limit can also result in a loss of a CDL.

Fighting for one’s career

Problems with a CDL are a threat to a driver’s career. An Ohio commercial driver will benefit from knowing how to fight back after a traffic violation. Before paying a fine or simply accepting the consequences of a traffic violation, a commercial driver will benefit from learning about the defense options he or she has.