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August 2018 Archives

School zone restrictions can teach a hard lesson

You won't travel many miles in the greater Cincinnati area before you pass a school campus. While some of those schools are private, nonchartered institutions, many are supported by Ohio taxpayers and fall under the governance of state laws for nearly every aspect of operation, from curriculum to lunch menus.

Seeing red after getting a ticket for running a stop sign?

Heading out on the road is likely a daily occurrence for you. Whether you have to commute to work, take the kids to school or run various errands, you typically find yourself behind the wheel of your vehicle at some point during the day. As a result, you likely also come across various traffic signals and stop signs.

Point suspensions and driving school

People who hold Ohio driver's licenses should always be aware of the state's laws concerning points on a person's driving record. It can be easier than some people might think to amass points on a driver's license. Rolling stops at otherwise quiet intersections, speeding tickets and other violations all may put points on a driver's record. Over time, the number of points could cause problems for the driver.


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