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December 2018 Archives

New distracted driving laws in 2019

Most adults in Ohio have likely used a cell phone while driving in their cars. Over the last several years, a lot of attention has been placed on phone use by drivers and today, there are a variety of headsets or technologies built into vehicles to allow people to make and receive phone calls while driving without taking their hands off the steering wheels

Lane violation stop leads to drunk driving arrest

People who live in Ohio should be aware of how a person might end up being investigated for suspected drunk driving. These situations generally start with a driver being pulled over by an officer for a reason that may have nothing at all to do with potentially being impaired. In fact, an officer might have no such thoughts in their mind in some cases while in other cases an officer might think there is a chance a driver could be impaired based on how they are driving. Nonetheless, the officer must have a solid cause before stopping a driver.

When traveling in the left lane is a violation

Traveling on one of Ohio's many state and interstate highways is often an adventure, and not the kind you look forward to. Whether you are a resident of the Buckeye State or you travel here from neighboring states, you have likely found yourself dealing with all kinds of traffic hazards, including texting drivers, reckless drivers and speeders.

Tips to avoid holiday DUI charges

If you are like most people in Ohio, your holiday season will include its fair share of social events. From work parties to family gatherings and more, you may well find yourself at multiple activities at which alcohol is served. While certainly it is not illegal to have a drink or two and then drive home, the fact of the matter is that the emphasis on preventing extreme instances of drunk driving may well put even the most reasonable behaviors under scrutiny. This could put you at a disadvantage even if you are not actually intoxicated.


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