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New distracted driving laws in 2019

Most adults in Ohio have likely used a cell phone while driving in their cars. Over the last several years, a lot of attention has been placed on phone use by drivers and today, there are a variety of headsets or technologies built into vehicles to allow people to make and receive phone calls while driving without taking their hands off the steering wheels

School zone restrictions can teach a hard lesson

You won't travel many miles in the greater Cincinnati area before you pass a school campus. While some of those schools are private, nonchartered institutions, many are supported by Ohio taxpayers and fall under the governance of state laws for nearly every aspect of operation, from curriculum to lunch menus.

Point suspensions and driving school

People who hold Ohio driver's licenses should always be aware of the state's laws concerning points on a person's driving record. It can be easier than some people might think to amass points on a driver's license. Rolling stops at otherwise quiet intersections, speeding tickets and other violations all may put points on a driver's record. Over time, the number of points could cause problems for the driver.

Points can lead to a license suspension

There are many consequences traffic tickets can have for drivers. For some violations, points are put onto a person’s license. What is the significance of getting such points? Well, for one, having too many points on your license can trigger a license suspension here in Ohio.

In Ohio, driving without a valid license is a serious offense

Your driver's license is more than just identification. It signifies that you understand the rules of the road, agree to submit to chemical tests when requested by a law enforcement officer and meet the other qualifications to receive an Ohio driver's license.

Ohio Supreme Court rules traffic camera restrictions illegal

On July 26, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld Dayton's use of traffic camera enforcement. Additionally, the Court struck down restrictions on the use of the traffic camera enforcement, including the requirement of a police officer to be present when a traffic camera was in use.

Summer driving concerns

Ohio drivers must stay sharp this summer as Ohio State Highway Patrol officers will be watching. The authorities are dealing with more people on the road than normal and have already seen a variety of unsafe driving behaviors. The rise in vehicles on the road may be due to low gas prices and an improving economy.

Passing a school bus with flashing red lights

People in Ohio take the safety of their children seriously. Even if you drive safely most of the time, one mistake in a school zone or near a playground could mean disaster. This is why traffic violations that put children in harm's way may incur serious penalties.

Should you fight a citation for traffic violations?

If you are facing a citation for any type of traffic violation in Ohio, you may be wondering if it is worth the cost and effort to fight it. In reality, even a traffic ticket can affect various areas of your life. It is worthwhile to attempt to mitigate the potential consequences of a ticket or citation.


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